Egeltjes paneel


One of my favorite seasons is autumn. I love the changing of colors, the smell of the forest and the little creatures you will see when going outdoors. I am lucky that I get to go to a nature resort several times a week to teach kids on nature, so I get to be outdoors a lot.

I found a napkin of a hedgehog family and decoupaged it on a wooden panel. This will be on my autumn table along with my findings from outdoors…

flower & heart tool
Heart hair clips

Heart hair clips

Flower Hair Clips

Flower Hair Clips









It’s fall and time for me to start crafting again. Today I made these cute hair clips, flowers and hearts. I love giving these away . So easy to make from fabric scraps!

I uses a flower tool and heart tool by clover to make these. Easy sewing and easy to follow instruction. Just love the result!


I am so happy that cell phones exist! If we hadn’t got any of them then I wouldn’t have pictures of my teenage girls. Because you know, they are at a certain age where they do not want their mother around taking pictures…

This one is of my DD, I guess a friend of her made this one when she was at her birthday party. She’s on her longboard, but that’s not something you can see in this picture…

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